See what some of my clients have had to say about me and the services I provided:

“Excellent! Got rid of our ants! We tried all sorts of pesticides and two different exterminators to get rid of an ant infestation we had for over a year. Sebastian River Exterminating had them virtually eliminated within a couple of days! We no longer have ant problems and we are very happy we choose Sebastian exterminating.”

— Laura

“Bill Forte from Sebastian River Exterminating has been taking care of my home and yard for 2 years and I highly recommend him for your home or business as well.

"I enjoy spending time in my patio with my 2 Chinese Cresteds, but have always fought off the ants and the spider webs look dreadful. Then I met Bill at Business ConneXions Networking Luncheons, hired him and now enjoy my patio without the ugly webs and pesky ants. Bill is always neat, tidy, professional, and punctual. Not your typical exterminator. Thank you Bill.”

— Cindy

“We have had Sebastian River Exterminator keep our home pest-free for over two years and has done a superb job. We were contracted with a very large national chain for 7 years and their quality went downhill for awhile which is when we turned to Sebastian River Exterminator to take over. Prices are essentially the same as everyone else (maybe a bit cheaper), but overall you get better service with a guarantee.

We no longer have spiders inside our screened in enclosure. No one has ever been able to tackle this problem for us before. Bill is honest, friendly, and doesn't try to hard sell you on anything. When he makes suggestions, it's because his professional experience dictates so. Service is bi-annual, but if you happen to have an issue, they take care of everything.”

— David

“As a seasonal snowbird, staying in a residential home in Sebastian, invaded by ants, which three associates at Home Depot garden department had different opinions as to there identity and extermination. We contacted Sebastian River Exterminating for their expertise. Within several hours, Bill Forte showed up at our home and identified them as Carpenter Ants. His demeanor was very comforting while he listened to our traumatic invasion story. His plan, approach, and confidence displayed to the elimination of the ants showed us he had years of experience. His service by far exceeded our expectations. Chemically treating areas in our home that we would have never thought ants would invade. The development of his guarantee treatment application has shown a considerable reduction in ant intrusion only after several days. We are extremely satisfied with the results.”

— Mark

“When I was only coming to Florida every 6 months he would call and tell me what I needed done, and I trusted him to go to my house when I wasn't there and take care of things.”

— Liz C

“I found out about Sebastian River Exterminating through the club house. I was looking for an exterminator and they said to call Bill. He has done nothing but a great job for us, it has been a good experience.”

— Tom M

“We use Sebastian River Exterminating twice a year to get rid of our ants. Bill always does a good job, we never have any issues after.”

— Frank S

“Bill is great! We have used him for general exterminating services and he always takes care of any issues we have.”

— Joan S

“I have semi annual indoor and outdoor maintenance service with Bill. I always receive excellence service.”

— Susan S

“We were having a problem with any infestation and he came in and went through the whole house: the exterior, the attic and everything. We haven't seen any ants in the house since!”

— Butch N

“I had a problem with rodents in my shed and he took care of that. His work is performed timely and recommend Bill to my family and friends.”

— Nancy J